İngilizce Oyun Grubu

English Play Group
What do we do in English Play Group?

We have fun. We learn. We play. We sing. We dance.

Our aim is to create a safe place for both kids and adults to have a relaxed and enjoyable time.

Our activities are aimed to let the children learn through play with no added pressure. They get to interact with others in their own time, gain new skills and of course all of the above will take place in a totally English environment.

What activities do you offer?

They range from circle time, floor play, singing, dancing, arts and crafts and many more sensory activities.

The parent or guardian doesn’t speak English, will be still be able to participate?

Yes! Please don’t fret if you don’t speak English there will always be someone who can assist in Turkish if needed.

I don’t think my child will cooperate, is it worth joining?

Yes 100%! Your child doesn’t need to cooperate. As long as he/she is not harming themselves or others, the child is free to do as he/she wishes. Joining a playgroup which actually benefits the child actually stems from continuity. However, regular you attend the activities will become more beneficial, the child will interact more, and get familiar with the other regulars and the environment.

Do we need to bring anything?

No! Not unless specifically asked for any future activity. Just come along and let’s have some fun.